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#2 Product of the DayNovember 01, 2015
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Really fun! Maybe we should have a ProductHunt API evening where we all get on Slack and make some awesome stuff? Would this be something other people want to do as well? cc @bentossell
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@jakelprice Great idea! Would definitely join!
@ernstmul @jakelprice There was a ProductHunt hackathon weekend at one point, way back when the API first came out, wasn't there? Maybe it's time for another one!
So last night I was manning Product Hunt and not getting spooked by people in costumes.... I came across this tweet from @ernstmul : This caught my eye! Then this: So I was really intrigued in what he was building... here is the end result! Live map of recent hunters and makers 😜 - Nice work dude!
@bentossell @ernstmul This is so awesome! Definitely a great hunt for those of us who are massive geography nerds, ha ;D
@adammarx13 happy you like it!
Haha thanks @bentossell for hunting! So yesterday evening I had a free night, a six pack of beer and the ProductHunt API. Since I love combining data and making GEO based tools, I came up with this map of the world showing Hunters and Makers. Every 30min the tool fetches new data via PH and Twitter. Let me know what you guys think!
This is awesome @ernstmul! Love it! πŸ˜„ Personally, I was surprised to see how distributed it was. I would have totally guessed seeing a huge concentration around the Bay Area!
@marc_rosa thanks! Yes lots of Europeans as well!
Nice one! The maker success map ( takes a long time to load as it tries to map all the products, this is much quicker.
@mubashariqbal thanks! The site uses the API's every 30min, after that it generates a JSON file. So loading the site is client side only which helps speeding up things.