Product Hunt Maker Stories - Tucker Max

Conversation with Tucker about tech, publishing & more

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John, if anything, my stories are slightly toned down. The reason is because the real rawness of life--not just my life, almost any life--is often either so extreme or so detailed that it not only makes the story harder to tell, it makes it feel weird.
Oh wow. I'm excited to listen to this one. Is there any part of you that wonders how much of @tuckermax's stories are showmanship versus flat out just legendarily accurate recaps of his wild past? Tucker reminds me a lot of Tim Ferriss. When it comes down to it, I think Tucker has a deep understanding of technology, marketing, and storytelling. And he's long been a practitioner of the emergent tech platforms. Anything that surprised you from this interview, @eriktorenberg?
@johnexley Fascinating chatting w/ Tucker about his thoughts on publishing + tech (since changed - see his post here: ) Interesting comparison. Agree that both are super talented on those fronts. I think Tucker goes a bit deeper into dating, psychology, story telling and Tim goes broader in terms of interests and focuses more on meta-learning.