PH Investor Edition

Adds CrunchBase, AngelList, Alexa & co. links to posts on PH

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Nikita Korotaev
@nikitakorotaev · Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
Install Chrome Extension: "You are the big guy/girl. You are on You found this company there. You want to invest. You were doing due diligence for a month. Today you've installed this extension. BOOM. Due diligence done. You clicked on Angellist icon next to the product. Company just closed the round. You… See more
Zack Shapiro
@zackshapiro · Head of Mobile at Splash
@nikitakorotaev Love this. All we have right now is the easter egg/keyboard shortcut of hovering over a product and pressing 'a' to search AngelList. This extension, for part of our community, is a definite missing piece of the site. Glad you built this!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@bramk · Creator of @startupstash
awesome! PH should integrate this and put a on/off toggle in the settings :)
Misbah Ashraf
@misbahspeaks · Product Growth @toymailco
Much needed.
Sam Asante
@samasante · UI / UX Designer
Seems handy! Definitely going to give this a try.