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Hello Hunters! I had the idea for this GIPHY integration the night before the Product Hunt hackathon ended. Its more of an post Product Hunt hackathon hack :) So since GIFs (especially from GIPHY) become more and more important i thought there should be an easy way to use them also on Product Hunt. Thats why i built this chrome extension last night. As always happy to get your feedback, Moritz
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@neuling2k Nice work dude!! @nivo0o0 is going to lose his shit
@neuling2k this could quickly become a real pain haha... so many GIFs
Oh no. What have you done, @neuling2k?
Oh my this is the best p.s. Giphy's world domination plan = on track
@neuling2k p.s. If you could give the textarea a bit of padding so comments don't go behind the giphy logo that'd be sweeeeet 👌
@fredrivett Good catch, thanks! Will fix it. I also noticed there is no GIPHY button for replies ... will fix that too 😊
@neuling2k Haha was just about to mention that. Cheers Moritz! 👌