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Deep learning + PH = Bot that generates Erlich-like ideas 🔮

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Hi hunters! We really admire Erlich and his mushrooms-powered inspiration, and we believe it should be accessible to everyone. So using deep learning and all Product Hunt submissions we have created this funny bot that can give you random ideas, or name your super disruptive, game-changer idea. Just say hi to @PHGenbot on Messenger and Telegram to start! 💡 Thanks, Jorge & Luis
Well played. I just submitted my unicorn startup idea: Uber for rotisserie chicken.
@rrhoover That's so gonna make the world a better place
@rrhoover nice!!! I love rotisserie chicken
Great I could get addicted to this. Also it does not provide business ideas base on the name. I sent education hoping to get something similar and this was its reply Catchy name! What do you think of... Education: The ultimate all new spirits in the Apple Watch.
@basictechy Thanks! Brilliant GIF BTW 😂 "The ultimate all new spirits in the Apple Watch." is supposed to be the business idea. Whether or not Apple Watch and education are related... we'll see haha
@licuende oh I see. This might be something indeed
It's super random but really funny 😹 one of my Telegram groups is full of fwded @phgenbot messages!
@monicazng Thx a lot!! 🙌🙌
Thanks for the interest everyone! We're about to surpass 9k messages and more than 2k Erlich-powered ideas. Fire!! 🔥🔥🔥