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Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh@urbanturbanguy · Sr. Product Manager, Uber
Looks like I need to get the Alfred Powerpack for this to work. :(
Loris Guignard
Loris GuignardMaker@loris · Software/Web Engineer
@urbanturbanguy Sorry about that, powerpack needed to run any third-party workflows! Adding a mention about it right now in the Github Readme.
Zack Shapiro
Zack ShapiroHunter@zackshapiro · Building something new. brb.
@urbanturbanguy support Alfred. It's worth it and the people behind it are great.
Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh@urbanturbanguy · Sr. Product Manager, Uber
@zackshapiro I will. :)
Ben Adamski
Ben Adamski@bengitscode · Developer. Storyteller. Collaborator.
@urbanturbanguy still using Alfred? I was extra excited to ask when I saw the timestamp 😁
Awesome! Been using Alfred for years. It's a must-have on my system now.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Seems like this workflow is busted. When I run it, I get returned to my default Alfred screen. Has your access token been throttled @loris?
Alexandru Chirițescu
Alexandru Chirițescu@alexchiri · I can has product?
Wonderful workflow, simple and less intrusive than the Chrome extension. Thanks!