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Hey Everyone! Super thrilled to launch the Product Hunt Book Club. As Eric said, we'll start with an AMA a month, but totally open to community leadership here on what we should do. If you want to run with something, just let me know! First book is going to be Eric Ries's Leadership Guide. On 4/7, he's going to give an exclusive excerpt to the Product Hunt community. Excerpt, why not the whole book? First, the book's not out yet. Second, almost every book club i've been in has died from the start because people didn't read the first book. Starting slow with an excerpt will make sure we all do it and then we'll pick a book for April. It's like in basketball when you shoot for teams and everyone wants to shoot from the 3 point line. No one makes it and you end up taking forever to pick teams. Start slow. Shoot a free throw, homie. Of course, this isn't an excerpt club, it's a book club! So. What should we read next? Zero to One? Hard Thing about Hard Things? You tell me! Comment here or tweet me and @producthunt your suggestions. Props to @erictwillis and @mubashariqbal for not only making the site but also being community leaders.
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@eriktorenberg @erictwillis @mubashariqbal Are you thinking more recent books, or classics like *Innovator’s Dilemma* or *Crossing the Chasm*? Would be good to have a mix IMO.
@producthunt @erictwillis @mubashariqbal @eriktorenberg The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup by Noam Wasserman is good. I first read it in 2012 but have just picked it back up for a reread.
@jasoncrawford should be mostly new, but we'll have some older ones too!
@eriktorenberg I have a bias for the classics I guess
@jasoncrawford me too. I wish Seneca could give an AMA but he's dead :(
@eriktorenberg will be here later to tell you more about it. Once per month, Product Hunt will host a live AMA with the author of a great book. You'll be able to interact with authors of your favorite books and get an inside view into their writing style, philosophy, etc. We’ll start with startup books and expand beyond as the Product Hunt community expands.
@erictwillis I LOVE the sound of this!
Great idea! @KikiSchirr should definitely be in this discussion. :) I would like to hear from Nir Eyal, author of Hooked and generally amazing writer. His insights into products & psychology are priceless.
So excited to see PH try something new, and very honored to be chosen as the first book. We're working on a REDACTED excerpt right now (because many of the details in the book are not yet cleared for publication). In the meantime, I'll stick around PH and happy to answer a few questions this morning. PS. @eriktorenberg is right - the worst part of any book club is when people don't read the book. And it's hardest to remember to read the first book, because the club hasn't even met yet.
Lean Analytics by @acroll and @byosko
@acroll @anujadhiya Thanks Anuj! It'd be a lot of fun to do an AMA on Lean Analytics. @acroll and I always enjoy taking questions from folks and trying to help out where we can.
@acroll @byosko I think that would be super amazing. Odds of success are much higher if you know what to measure, when - and most importantly - why! Imo, every startup founder should be reading Lean Analytics - multiple times.