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Earlier this year, @adamkornfield sent me this email: 4 months later, @adamkornfield and @joeycofone stopped by our office to show us the notebook and snap a few pics. I've been using mine for a while now. The quality's fantastic. Fun fact #1: It just happened to be sweatpants Thursday at Product Hunt HQ… hashtag super professional. Fun fact #2: with exception to our Teespring shirts, this is the first Product Hunt branded physical thing. Radical.
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@rrhoover Wow! That looks super smart, how can I buy one? :)
@abinashmohanty @rrhoover Thanks! Check the link at top of page, should take you there. Hit me up if have any issues!
@rrhoover This is exciting. Loving PH products IRL. Hoping for a Kitty Backpack or Beach towel in the same style as Snapchat.
Super psyched to finally put this into the world. This is an East Coast + West Coast *and* Analog + Digital collaboration. Glad we got to make it happen, hope everyone digs it. Fun fact #3: This is Baron Fig's first startup-to-startup collaboration. Fun fact #4: My co-founder Adam, formerly finance, taught himself how to do photography from scratch and took all the photos. :D Edit: PS. First 50 orders get 5 Product Hunt stickers. Giving PH first dibs at them—our BF media doesn't go out until 11a EST. ;)
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@joeycofone Just ordered mine, hope to also get some nice stickers ;)
We're really excited to get this book out there! Was a blast designing the book along with @ryanhoover Photo shoot was incredible, Ryan came dressed in sweats ready to rock it. My desk is full of PH stickers, the PodCat is the best!
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@adamkornfield I am a huge fan of the PodCat!
@adamkornfield paging @alexcartaz for some PodCat love 😻
Love the Maker badge concept — perfect symbol for the collaboration and a wonderful celebration of what both PH and BF are to the product community!
@robinbascom Robin, thanks for the love!
@adamkornfield @joeycofone I love your logo :) beacouse it reminds me logo of my first startup MyBaze :D
@kam_gol @nivo0o0 Thanks Kamil! Actually Ryan and team at PH designed it, so give them your good words!