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Get a text when your domain is mentioned on Product Hunt

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I've been using Hacker News alert for a while for my blog, so I figured I'd build out the Product Hunt ecosystem with the same feature set. Right now, it only supports text notifications for domains mentioned on the front page, but if there's interest, I'm up for adding term-based alerts and support for mentions in the comments. In terms of the actual product, I tried to keep it really simple. The styles are clean and familiar (h/t to the @rrhoover and the other PH builders), there's no backend, and the notify job just runs as a scheduled task on Heroku, which I can update with a git push. It's all open source and on Github here:
@jessepollak you're the man, Jesse. I've received several emails from founders worried their product will be "hunted" before they're ready. @eriktorenberg and I try reaching out to every creator as soon as their product is posted but we don't always catch everyone. Also, HN Notify is awesome. I've been using it for my own blog as well.
@jessepollak Love it! Good work, Jesse :) Does it work for UK numbers at all?
@rrhoover @jessepollak Can you use the HN alert for your domain or just your handle on HackerNews?
@riaface it should - are you trying with the country code? can you post an example number?
This is completely awesome, super useful. Reminds me of by @robfitz :)
Awesome idea! only thing it is missing is some sort of assurance that our phone numbers are safe with you :)
@ak310i all the data is stored in Firebase ( and I rest my entire reputation on not doing anything malicious with your numbers :)
@jessepollak i signed up in good faith, but thanks for confirming!
Thanks! @rrhoover - Any thought about a stream for newly launched products? As opposed to products that have just a pre-launch landing page?
@bswen we're working on a categorizing the three type of product submission: pre-launch, launch, and new updates. @Jonnotie has a super sexy redesign in the works. :)
Just curious, why text? I'd much prefer email, personally.
@danlev Speed, really. It's valuable to know quickly when your domain goes up on a site like Product Hunt and things that go to my email often don't get attention for hours.
@jessepollak Text works for only US users right? I am in Bangalore :-(
@cherianthomas it should work internationally. is it not validating? can you share an example number that I can test with?
@jessepollak ooh, I thought without the international code in the phone area (+__) it was just for US audience. Let me try it out.