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Seriously?! This is amazing. Especially when you scroll through the list. I can't stop laughing.
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Hey guys! I built this in less than a week as a fun side project. Feel free to contribute to this open source project at https://github.com/grant/product... :D
This was unveiled last night at the 1st Seattle PH Meetup. I tweeted about it (https://twitter.com/IanMikutel/s...) and CC'd @rrhoover who actually (I think) thought the site didn't exist because it started crashing when everyone at the meetup started pinging it :D The founder, Grant Timmerman (http://www.grant.cm), University of Washington CS student, talked about how he built it in 1 week and plans to open source a lot of it. :) I joked about how it reminded me of Forgotify, which plays songs no one has listened to on Spotify. More great things to come from Seattle and Product Hunt Meetups! Great work Grant!
@ianmikutel haha yeah. The site was down when I first checked it out.
@ianmikutel amaaaazing job Ian - Seattle reps hard! Send us photos :-D
@eriktorenberg Thanks it was a great time! Compiling pics and will send soon! Even have a pro photographer who used to travel Southeast Asia helping take photos at the next meetup! This time was just me and my iPhone. :)
is clinkle the nickelback of startups? the carlos mencia of startups? including them in the worst old products? i sympathize.
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