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The Flappy Bird distraction while it's loading is genius. Reminds me of the top down shooter Tekken included in the Playstation 1. Technically, how does this work, @edmoyse?
@rrhoover @hyharryhuang's idea. If you can't speed up loading (rate limits), just provide a better loading experience. Genius. We get your upvoters (PH API, of course!), get their details from the Twitter API, and Klout Scores that we store on our servers. Then we use this info to show you your most influential upvoters (so you don't miss a journalist or investor). Very accepting of feedback, so if you have ways you think we could improve, just let us know!
@rrhoover @edmoyse thanks! The game itself is adapted from a github project by nebez ( We added some info specific to us and a Product Hunt leaderboard. Now just to beat my high score of 1...
First time seeing "sign in with PH" pretty cool!
Hey, I'm one of the makers of Product Friends - happy to answer any questions :)
@edmoyse likewise! :)
Incredibly useful tool for making friends with the folks who are into what you're building. Great job. Love the built in follow, and message features.
Yes! I was thinking of doing this exact same thing after I manually thanked a ton of people who upvoted @modivhq when we launched! So glad someone did this. And the Flappy Bird PH Leaderboard is amazing. Really well done guys!