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It's been almost an year since I launched Product Disrupt for aspiring designers to learn product design from the internet. Acting on the suggestions received from the PH community, I also started a half-monthly newsletter with 12 issues been sent so far. Today, I'm launching the Product Disrupt Newsletter on Product Hunt. By subscribing to Product Disrupt Newsletter you'll receive • Product Prompts (Answered by the awesome Makers) • Design Inspiration • Freebies & Resources • Interesting Stuff on the Internet Let's create, together!
@weirdowizard Excited about this and looking forward to a host of knowledge to be shared all out! Cheers mate!
@virrindra1 Appreciate your support, mate. Sure, some awesomeness coming your way :)
This is a great resource. @weirdowizard always poses interesting and challenging product questions to spark discussion. The product prompts especially, are great and it's always interesting to hear different perspectives.
@stub91 I'm so glad that you find it useful, mate. Hope to get the best out of the community :)
Always happy to see Darshan give knowledge and build community. Can't believe it's already been a whole year since Product Disrupt launched.
@stedman_rh I can't believe it either, mate. Time flies too fast. Thanks for the constant support!