Product Discovery

Fastest way to find your next Amazon products to sell

Easily and quickly find the products you should be selling on Amazon. Filter through products, keywords, categories, brands, sales, revenue, reviews, and so much more. It really is the fastest and most accurate Amazon product finder in the galaxy.

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A useful system for finding products on Amazon, Saves a lot of time, thanks.
@oriorikonage Thanks so much for checking it out Brad! Glad you enjoyed it. :)
For those who work with "Amazon" is a very useful tool. I like.
Hey @casey_gauss, Can you tell us more about why you built this and how it differs from other products out there.
Hey @jacqvon , thank you for asking! We’ve collected loads of data, working with over 6,500 brands on Amazon, running over 27,000 launches, tracking tens of millions of products, categories, brands, keywords, and subcategories. So we figured now is a great time to give all of this information away so any Amazon seller can make an informed decision on the products they *should* be selling. It’s not all Product Discovery does… product searches are only scratching the surface. There are also keywords, brands, and categories. Feel free to give the free trial a spin, and I’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to make Product Discovery the fastest and most accurate Amazon product finder in the Galaxy. product decisions
@casey_gauss, would you consider Product Discovery more of an analytics or sourcing tool? I can see this being beneficial in both areas but I wanted to hear your opinion.
@erikwgarcia Hey Erik, great question! Product Discovery is a product idea "generator". Through analytics, we help you to identify good product ideas based on your criteria. It could be considered an analytics tool when it comes to brands and categories. We provide deep analytics on brands and subcategories, including everything from sales distribution across the product line, historical average per day sales, distribution breakdown, etc. Our tool Market Intelligence is an analytics tool that allows you to see stats around various products or aggregated stats around markets on Amazon.
@casey_gauss Thanks for the response! I'm very impressed with the varied data sets you guys provide. I will definitely be reaching out in the near future for a project I am currently working on.