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#2 Product of the DayApril 19, 2019 is a collection of fresh articles from the world of User Experience and Product design, beautifully mixed with shots from Dribbble and Behance.

Hand picked, articles are cover a whole UX process. User research, data analysis, and more.
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While Muzli goes to wide and covers pretty much everything related to design, this beautiful chrome extension focuses on UX and Product Design which is a huge value because there's so much noise around those topics and having a curated source would a great thing for upcoming product designers. I love the new tab approach + the colorful design + categorization of various useful topics. Cheers, Yash.
@yash Wow! Thank you for featuring! Open to questions and feedback :)
@bogdan_lev surely, did you code and design this yourself?
@yash Thank's for a question Yash. I'm not the main developer on a product, few guys are helping me. From my side, trying to be involved, at least on a level of understanding, what is happening under the hood, how it works and help with some small things. Design, yep, it's me.
@bogdan_lev that is awesome!
@yash Thanks! :)
What a GREAT product! I'm glad I have a better understanding what Product Design is. Great work!
@carlwheatley Thank you, Carl! :)
Hello there, i appreciate your effort and started to read already. How often do you think you will renew the content in here?
@alican_bektas Thank you! We are updating content every day. It's not a be boring static collection of links :)
Hi there! I think it's a very cool product. I have already start to read. I didn't see such many information in one place before this project. Developers you are great!!
@new_user_1092d4d55f Thank you for feedback!