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Interactive comparison charts of laptops, smartphones & more

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This has been brewing as a side project since March last year when I first did a chart of the 200 most popular flash drives. So I decided to turn this into a full fledged project on its own this year. Got a proper domain name and made a homepage for it. So here it is.!
@marek_gibney this is awesome, wish it existed for BEVs instead of the wildly inferior charts from ICE car reviewers.
Interesting concept. Would be nice if you added another dimension - when clicking into a product - pull in the prices from the different marketplaces. Nice visual way to browse through many products
@dotcomdude Yes, that might happen. Best way might be to partner with existing price comparison sites.
Like the visual way to show product options with an interactive component. Agree with Andy that prices would be a good addition. As well as reviews/ratings.
Thank you for doing this! I get asked all the time what machines to buy...I like having something that is retail outlet agnostic. Nicely done!