Product Challenger

Kaggle for product management job seekers

Work on real-world product challenges sponsored by companies and get hired.
Build your skills by working on real-world problems faced by companies, add experience to your resume, and get hired. It's free and will always be.
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nice idea. Wish there was one for marketing people as well
@muthali_ganesh_coolisower_ Agreed! Would love to build this.
@muthali_ganesh_coolisower_ Hey Muthali! Thanks for commenting! At the moment, although it's "designed" as PM cases, you are totally welcome to join. Teams are stronger with people of different skill sets. We do plan on opening it up to more non-technical roles in the very near future but cases do test different skills. So, if you have a marketing background, that could actually be a plus!
I've been talking to a bunch of MBA students to learn about their job search process. There was demand from PM job seekers at Exchange, and I wanted to find out why. The biggest problem for them is visibility. Students that are switching careers are trying their level best to obtain product experience by working on projects that they put on their resume. However, their performance in these projects isn't being tracked in a meaningful way or in a way that maximizes their chances of being hired or standing out from the crowd. Why should these projects remain just as resume additions? We launched Product Challenger (https://productchallenger.exchan...) to try and see if we can help PM job seekers in their journey. The idea is to have companies sponsor "product challenges" that PM job seekers and especially MBA students can work on. Their work is then tracked, graded, reviewed. Great performance is potentially rewarded with an interview. If you are hiring PMs and think this may be helpful to identify skillful PMs, I'd love to talk to you. Please send me a message or comment below. If you are PM job seeker and think you'd find this useful, please comment below. I'd like to hear your feedback.
Absolutely love the concept! Great alternative to freelancing.
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! That's an interesting perspective. We saw it more as a way for people to get more interviews. How do you think this could help freelancers? Would love to hear more.
hey, really nice concept! might be nice to see a bit more information and what companies are involved before signing up...a lot of information to fill out before really knowing who is involved and what the timeline/process is. For example, is Binance really involved and hiring PMs based on this challenge? Just my thoughts but congrats on your launch!
@awt Hey Andrew. Thanks for the feedback! We've shortened the form - now not a lot of personal information is required. The Binance challenge is only an example. The actual concept though is to have both practice and company sponsored challenges. We'll include company names on our landing page as we finalize pilots with them. Know anyone that might be interested in sponsoring a challenge?
Is there any kind of payment for the challenges? Or are you competing in a challenge only for the chance at an interview?
@brandon_blackman Hi Brandon. At the moment, that option does not exist but it is something that we are looking to implement soon.