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#5 Product of the DayMay 20, 2015



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jasonHunter@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
Ramen won the LAUNCH Hackathon as a crowdfunding platform for software projects and I gave them a little seed money. What they learned from having their product in the market was that, not surprisingly, the tools they built around letting customers talk to software developers &product managers, were the most used. So.... they doubled down on these tools. And doubled down some more. Now they've got a great, simple product that let's you query users while they are using your product. It's well worth taking a look at.... it's a really smart team, working hard to provide value. They deserve our support for making something so helpful! very proud of the team for not giving up and finding some gold!!! keep working boys!
Ryan AngillyMaker@angilly · Founder, Ramen
Thanks @jason!
Niel RobertsonMaker@nielr1 · CSO
When Ryan and I first talked about the Ramen product i happened to be playing an interim role as head of product for another company i helped start. In that role I was scratching my head over three basic things: who are our customers, what do they think of our current product, what do they actually want next? I spent a bunch of time trying to pull email addresses, set up surveys, solicit feedback, etc.. and finally gave up as it was too much work across too many products not quite designed for what i was doing (including plain old email and spreadsheets.) Over time Ryan has heard so many needs from product managers (which is great as there are lots more problems we can solve over time), but what i'm psyched about is the three basic first problems Ramen ended up solving are pretty common across all the product people we talked to. I love it when my friends build products i actually want to use!
Ryan AngillyMaker@angilly · Founder, Ramen
Hey everyone, CEO/Co-Founder of Ramen & maker of Product Center here. Ramen has always been in the business of helping product teams be better at learning from their customers and turning that learning into better products and happier customers, and Product Center is the next step. Product Center is an in-app experience that enables your product teams to easily ask customers targeted questions & discuss features and ideas without requiring those customers to leave your application. The link shared today has a special offer for Product Hunters only. By using the code PH39, you’ll get our SMB plan (regularly $149/month) for $39/month for the next 12 months. A $1,320 savings over the course of a year. That’s because you’re awesome. @matthaltom and I will be here all day so ask away!
James Clark@jamesoclark · CEO SocialEngine
CEO of SocialEngine here. We are a current Ramen user and love the product. Our goal is to have a user centric development process. Leveraging Ramen for our product roadmap and customer feedback gives us insights into the needs and priorities of our customers. Super valuable. Oh -- and they practice what they preach. We've given feedback which has been incorporated into the product.
Benjamin Wheeler@benjamin_wheeler · Teaching and making tech. Indie hacker.
@jamesoclark How did you hear about Ramen and decide to use it? Did you evaluate similar tools?
James Clark@jamesoclark · CEO SocialEngine
@benjiwheeler I had worked with one of the co-founders on his previous company and was always impressed with how they ran their business. So when I saw he launched Ramen I was interested. We did evaluate, test and use a couple of other tools (ProdPad,, Asana, there is one other that is slipping my mind. We use Asana for our project management and it didn't translate well at all into a customer feedback platform. Ultimately we focused in on Ramen because of their support and vision for the product. Plus they were moving fast with incorporating input.
Catherine Trestini@cattrestini · Freelance Social Media Strategist in FL.
I never thought I'd see such an adorable gut, nevertheless graduated.
Ryan AngillyMaker@angilly · Founder, Ramen
@cattrestini I wish I could upvote this more than once. hat tip to @matthaltom on the edumacated gut graphic :)
Ryan AngillyMaker@angilly · Founder, Ramen
@cattrestini I wish I could upvote this more than once. hat tip to @matthaltom on the edumacated gut graphic :)