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We're an online community for product managers. Engage with the community by sharing relevant stories, asking for advice from other professionals and posting jobs for everyone in a product team.

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I'm keen to see this develop. There is so much bloody content out there these days, but this looks like a good way to find articles you'll find relevant.
Product Cafe started out as a simple podcast and collection of self-curated PM articles. A lot of exciting changes have happened since Steve first hunted us. We are getting closer to our long-term vision. The biggest feature, product case studies is yet to come 😎. For now you can enjoy these new changes: πŸ“‹ Categories β€” New categories have been added to accommodate the variety of contents on our site πŸ“Š PM Profiles β€” A sneak peek of PM profiles is here: As you post on our site, we automatically create your own PM profile which tells you what type of PM you are. As we grow, we plan on adding machine learning to be more accurate with your profiling πŸ’Ό Job Board β€” We now have a job board for product jobs. You can post for free on the board but donations are appreciated. The board includes internships and remote jobs. When your job gets approved, we automatically tweet it to our 450+ followers on Twitter. ❓ Question Corner β€” We have a new question corner where you can ask everyone in the community questions. This is especially useful for aspiring PMs or experienced PMs trying to solve a very specific problem πŸ’» Social Sharing β€” We have proper support for sharing our pages on social media, so if you have created a question/job/story you can finally share it on Facebook/Twitter/etc and get proper thumbnails for your shares πŸ€“ Emoji & markdown support β€” My favorite change: We now support markdown syntax and emojis in our chat, making it more fun to post on our site πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜ πŸ“° Push Notifications β€” You can now subscribe to push notifications, we are going to send you collections of the best stories very soon just like Product Hunt does it for product collections!
Hey Steve, thanks so much for hunting us! Hi everyone, we've been working hard for the past 2 months on Product Cafe so you can share the best product management stories with the community! The best stories go out via a weekly digest. We also have a podcast and our first interview with the product team of a Y Combinator startup is coming soon! Our long-term goal is to become the Behance for product managers. We want to help product managers promote themselves, by highlighting interests and strengths, as well as highlighting your approach with the projects you've worked on by allowing you to create product case studies. for product managers is very accurate as well. I didn't know the site until Steve showed it to me earlier but it's definitely a great guideline of what you can expect Product Cafe to become long-term!
Hi everyone, just a little update from our side :). Aside from the obvious, such as bug fixes, there are a few news. The most important one first: We're now sending a weekly digest of the top upvoted stories. Push notifications to stay up to date on your own stories and more are coming soon as well. We're also working on your own personal profile. You'll be able to share your product manager profile with other people in the future. Stay tuned for more, I'll post here again when the profile is live :).