Produck Hunt

Duck Hunt + iPhone + Product Hunt

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It's the Product Hunt Hackathon. I wanted to serve both masters: hackathons, and Product Hunt. For the hack part, I wrote a library that let you control a mouse on the screen using just an iPhone and a web browser. You can move your phone around, and it move the arrow on the screen. For the Product Hunt half, I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a Duck Hunt parody. You play Duck Hunt just like you normally would – except using an iPhone instead of a tacky orange gun. And instead of hunting for ducks, you hunt for.. you guessed it.. products.
Super impressed with @gkoberger's execution over ~20 hours. Here's a photo from his demo:
This is so friggin' awesome.
@gkoberger What's next for Produck Hunt?
@afkehaya @gkoberger Just redid the homepage to make it more obvious what it does (I was only thinking about the in-person demo when I made it :) ) Long term, no plans – I was a bit overwhelmed by my real startup, and just wanted to spend a weekend making something fun!
I can't believe I didn't understand the Twitter page layout until this moment.
@gkoberger I have 5 old NES's sitting about 3 feet away from me, and so have always been overjoyed at the Product Hunt twitter background being Duck Hunt, but never made the connection.