Producer Stash

A curated directory of music production tools

A collection of best resources for making music, mobile DJing and professional studio gear under $100.
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HeyπŸ‘‹ community! As an electronic musician, DJ & maker myself, I've decided to put together this resource directory on music production. Whether you want to make EDM, beats or audio recording, this list will help you get started as a beginner. 🎡 p/s: During my free time, I also host music production workshop as side project.
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@whizzzoe I like it. Everything in one place - and very easy to navigate. Keep going!
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@whizzzoe tell me more about tech stack that you use
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@arthur_tkachenko Thank you Arthur! Will do & I've also replied you on DM :D
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Do you have a Soundcloud where to hear your music?
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Nice idea ! Do you think about doing a tutorial section? 😁
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@_qunt Thank you Qunt! I appreciate it :) πŸ™ Oh yeah, like curated tutorials sort by how to make - Kick, Bass, Piano, Lead, etc. right? I'll take your feedback and add into this soon! πŸ€—
@whizzzoe yes it is an example ! Mix, composition etc ... A suggestion among so many others πŸ˜‰ Good job !
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@_qunt That's wonderful! Love your suggestion and huge thanks for contributing on this idea 😁
Stashes for the win! ;)
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