Producer Chat

Community for indie music producers

A social platform for indie music producers for sharing their progress, giving feedback and staying accountable.

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Hey, all! Producer Chat was created by me and Saleem, who has been producing for 17 years. He has helped everyone out soooo much (thanks 🙏, Saleem)! So we ended up with a free WIP chat for music producers (thanks, @marckohlbrugge 😅). Soon we will be focusing on YouTube and Instagram so next year will be fire 🔥! Would appreciate if you'd share it with your producer friends. 🙂
@pyyding Interesting spin on the concept. Congrats on the launch! Does Slack support SoundCloud embeds? Would be pretty cool if you could listen to each other’s work. Even better if you could have a radio/player of some sorts with community music. ( I made back in the day with my brother which is a community for specific type of drum computer. We added a player with all the mp3s made by the community. People really liked it. )
@marckohlbrugge Yeah, appareantly you can embed SoundCloud to Slack! Great idea, I’m thinking of creating a playlist manually on SoundCloud right now.
Highly recommend adding 'Pro Tools' as a DAW if you're making a producer forum based website.
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