Prodsight for Intercom

Turn Intercom conversations into customer insights

Prodsight automatically analyses every Intercom conversation for topics and sentiment to help your team:
- Identify customer issues
- Track feature requests
- Prioritise product roadmaps
- Inform marketing campaigns
& much more...
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Hey PH 👋 Tadas, founder and CEO of Prodsight here. Today is a special day as we're launching on the Intercom App Store 🚀 The idea to create Prodsight was born when I was working as a Product Manager in a B2C startup. I noticed that a lot of product issues were raised via live chat customer support by our customers. As the business grew, more and more people were contacting us and it became harder for our support team to keep on top on all the issues, so the insights from customers didn't always surface through to the wider team. Prodsight uses AI to automatically analyse Intercom conversations for topics and sentiment which gives teams instant insight in user issues at any time. Prodsight is used by customer support, product, UX and marketing teams to stay on top of user needs and help inform decisions. ✨ PH COMMUNITY OFFER ✨ We're giving 30% off for 6 months on any Prodsight subscription. To redeem, simply mention this in a support chat before 30 July 2019. We'd love to hear your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions 😊
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🎉 I'm so excited to see Prodsight launch on the Intercom App Store! In all SaaS businesses, "Customer retention is the new conversion" (as @destraynor said in his recent Collision keynote) but retention is nearly impossible without understanding what your customers want and need from your product. Prodsight makes it so easy to get actionable insights from your Intercom conversation data and puts you on a path to solving real problems for your customers.
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@destraynor @erskingardner Thanks, Jeff! Most companies we've spoken to truly value customer insight but the logistics of actually understanding what thousands or in some cases millions of customers think make it near impossible. We're super excited to be able to leverage the latest Natural Language Processing technology and apply it to this age-old problem and most importantly - help people build better products.
This is great @labudis. I often see people installing software like intercom because they feel they "should do". Prodsight gives that actionable data that super charges these platforms.
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@grantmac_ we love taking data users already collected and extracting value out of it.
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Really nice bit of kit to help in service what your customers really think
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Techstart Ventures were delighted to join Prodsight’s seed round earlier this year. @labudis and his team have built a product that delivers real value for customers…and there’s more to come!
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@mark_hogarth great to have you guys as a partner! 🦄