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I discovered ProdPad few months ago and I'm now one of their customer. I really appreciate ProdPad and the awesome support @simplybastow is providing. Give it a try :)
Sure @stef! ProdPad was built by my co-founder (@simoncast) and I while we were both heading up product at a couple different startups in London. It was initially an internal-use only tool for the first couple of years, before we left to focus on turning it into a SaaS tool for other product people to use. We're lucky in that our users are product managers (and similar) themselves, so besides building something that we needed ourselves, we've had piles and piles of really constructive feedback that's gone into improving the product. It's now used by hundreds of companies (startups through to enterprises) all around the world, a big mix of folks building digital/tech products.
@simplybastow how did you settle on the 129 price point?
@eriktorenberg Lots of conversations with actual and potential customers, more than anything else. It's never easy to set or change pricing, but we found people were happy to give feedback if you opened up an honest conversation about what value they are seeing and what they're willing to pay.
i'm definitely going to play with it, kinda tired of trello
@sidorenkor That's great! We look forward to having you on board. You should also check out the ProdPad/Trello integration we have available: (Use ProdPad for setting direction and figuring out what you could/should be working on, and Trello for managing the actual development process, like Kanban or similar)
I signed up (because I sign up to try anything trying to tackle these roadmapping PM problems). Still haven't integrated everything. @simplybastow I'll keep you posted. Since things change so much a PM has to decide "is it quicker to get the idea documented or just validated today"...seems company size is might be a driver for your success?
@odower Cool, keep us posted! PMs in companies of all sizes are always grappling with that same question (you'd be surprised how much product teams in completely different companies have in common ;) ). We've built ProdPad to be as flexible as possible allowing for different scenarios - some ideas get put on the backburner for years, others get shunted through to development without validation, others are carefully spec'd and tested before so much as touching the dev side. Let me know if you need any help with the integrations. Here's a guide to get you started:
I just tried out ProdPad to compare to I think it's worth pointing out a few things as the products are intended to be used for similar purposes. ProdPad feels a little bit lighter weight with fewer levels of user roles, a bit less focus on connecting to overall strategy, and more limited in publishing. can publish anything, not just the roadmap. ProdPad has a few more integrations than with Trello, UserVoice, TFS, and Rally. Overall, I think anyone considering ProdPad should look at as well.
@startupjoshua Thanks for your feedback! Actually, in ProdPad you can publish just about any artifact as well: Roadmaps, your product canvas (where you map out the strategy, vision, and KPIs), idea specs, the effort/impact chart for visualizing priorities, user personas, etc. We should probably make that clearer in our site :)
@simplybastow Good to know! Thanks for the info Janna.