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This site is a collection of strategies, frameworks & techniques to help product teams move forward.
It helps you connect your stage + risk you're tackling and find what approach to use.
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George Nurijanian
Maker of
Hey everyone, I'm George ๐Ÿ˜€ I made for anyone who's stuck on a product problem. At first you might think that it's just another directory - and to an extent, it is. I really wanted to go beyond just slapping a "Roadmap" or "Framework" category and listing some helpful articles. Instead, I break things down from least to most actionable. I then mapped content to stages (are you discovering, validating, building or growing your product/feature?). It also looks at what risks you want to tackle (will people use it, will they pay for it, can we build it). Then it leads you to the best content that I could find to get you started right away. It draws on the knowledge from "Testing Business Ideas" and several others. I hope you find this useful & bookmark it and use it whenever you get stuck. Enjoy! P.S. Check out the roadmap tab - I am working towards creating original playbooks and your inputs will guide me.
Woah man what an idea! Kudos to it! Loved the idea
Solid idea @george
Dee AeroWeb designer, working on my own project.
It's gonna be useful. Thanks for sharing ;)
Victor Iryniuk
Product Manager, NetHuntCRM.
Great idea and I've already found some interesting techniques. Thanks!
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