Analytics that auto-surfaces, stores, and exports user data

Prodlytic provides a managed, GDPR-compliant, scalable behavioural analytics solution that automatically tracks and stores all event-level data across your website and web app. Continuous export to your own storage and analysis technologies enables deeper insight on everything your customers do.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Ria Blagburn
Team Integrator, Vanti
I'm super pleased to hunt Prodlytic! I love what the team have built (even more impressive when you consider the fact they're completely bootstrapped) - as a marketer, I've really appreciated how easy the pages and clicks tabs make it to get a clear overview of the client products I work with.
Radu JudeleMy Cognitive Bias
I played with Prodlytic quite a bit during the beta and loved it. I’m getting it set up on a few projects I’m working on as soon as the GDPR madness is over.
Keji AdedejiProduct Manager, Talis
I love Prodlytic, I love the freedom this gives me to be able to use an analytics tool that is so easy to set up and gives me ownership and access to useful information about how my users are interacting with my site.
Paul RhodesFounder, Green Gorilla Apps
What a fantastic product and idea! Great to see the product on Product Hunt - fantastic progress!
Hey, are you guys GDPR compliant? How do you manage that? I understand it's particularly tricky with analytics tools.
Daniel Thompson
MD, D4 Software
@pupeno Hi, we have a page about this very subject: I head up the engineering team and I can tell you we've put quite a bit of effort into collecting user behavior without accidentally hovering up any personal information.
@pupeno thanks for the question! GDPR has indeed been a big factor in recent releases. But Prodlytic now helps you stay GDPR-compliant out of the box because we: * Don’t collect IP address (classed as PII under GDPR) * Don’t collect email addresses - these are redacted in the Prodlytic dashboard if one is ever detected * Give you custom CSS classes to add to sensitive UI elements to prevent collection of, for example, street addresses or personal names * Respect the browser ‘do not track’ setting if clients have set this * Give you a statement to include in your site privacy policy informing users of our collection methods and the above measures
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