Track your time learning on YouTube to earn your free degree

Forget massive tuition costs. Earn an online degree with Prodeus for free. Find interesting classes and courses on Youtube, track your time learning and accrue hours towards a powerful digital credential, the ProDegree.
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Brilliant concept. People spend lot of time watching learning videos on youtube.
@aj002 Thats definitely a major part of what made us build this product. Youtube has such a wealth of information and it just needs to be tapped into and organized.
👋 Hi ProductHunt! I’d like to send a huge thank you to @chrismessina for hunting Prodeus and for all his invaluable feedback. I’m excited to announce the launch of Prodeus, a free chrome extension that cleverly tracks the time you spend watching educational videos on Youtube so that you can earn a digital degree no matter your financial situation. I built Prodeus because I believe that everyone regardless of wealth, status or nationality deserves equal access to higher education, as it’s the single most important factor in upward social mobility. In these past few years we’ve seen a dramatic rise in remote learning as universities continually raise their prices or close their doors from COVID. 📃 How it works 1. Add the extension to your Chrome browser 2. Connect classes from Youtube📺 to the Prodeus library, including the category and difficulty of the class. 3. Prodeus tracks your time spent watching classes and accrues your hours categorically, allowing you to earn degrees in Art & Design, Computer Science, or Business. 4. As you accrue more hours, you build up your expertise and level up your ProDegree. 🎓 What’s a ProDegree? ProDegrees mirror traditional university degrees. For instance a Bachelors degree requires 3600 class hours, whereas the reflective ProDegree ‘Master’ requires 2000 class hours. In this first release of our platform we focus on time watched as an indicator of effort. We plan on adding more functionality to future releases that will bring more ways to showcase and validate learning, to offer deeper insights into a learner’s educational journey. 📚 Learner-Led Education Studies show that learner-led education yields the best outcomes for students. Prodeus helps you measure your self-education process in a Montessori-style approach, letting you decide what and when to learn. You can choose each individual class you take or you can follow curated pathways from user-generated Courses, collections of classes that can take users on a complete journey through a particular topic, skill or an entire field. As users try and accrue large quantities of time they will be confronted with diverse and unique viewpoints and learn various ways to attack any one skill or task. 🚨 Quality Control All of the classes on Prodeus require peer reviews which ends up determining the eligibility of that class to provide credit to students. If classes earn below a 3.5 star rating they will not be eligible toprovide credit. On Our Roadmap 🕹️ Integration with Other Platforms: Soon we will allow our users to track their time on Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, Lynda. 📦 Project-Based Classes: Course creators will be able to add a project to their youtube class so that students can immediately apply the knowledge they’ve gained in a practical way. 💼 Student Portfolios: As users complete class projects they will be able to build up and showcase a comprehensive body of work. 🗃️ Class Topics: Linking topics and associated skills to classes will provide a new analytical metric to measure your progress and expertise. It also allows us to gamify in new ways like creating skill trees. Thank you all for the support, and please do share your feedback in the comments. Best, James Harr
I love this idea. Not only is the concept of tracking something many of us are already doing really amazing, it is also a way to encourage further and deeper dives into topics. The extension is sleek and really easy to use. I love that in addition to being a tracker (with some great ways to look at progress) Prodeus also helps you find other videos to progress your learning - I think this idea could bring learning to people who never thought it was their thing while also serving those of us with highly specified degrees to broaden our understanding and having something to show for it! I'm excited to see where this goes and am happy to be using it :D Amazing concept!
@scottmooreviola Thank you Scott, Your support means the world to us!
@jamesharr I want to congratulate you on building this awesome product. It really makes me happy to see how a personal product idea come true, that I had thought of some 2 years back, while I was doing free MOOC courses on ML & AI. It was just a idea on which I was planning to work later. But this really means alot. We as product enthusiast, build products for each other for use. Let me know if I can be of any help on your Prodeous journey. Happy to help and to be in touch. All the very best for Prodeous.
@bhanujeetc Thanks for the support Bhanujeet! If you have any of your classes up on Youtube, I'd love to add some more ML and AI classes to the Prodeus library!
Sorry I am not a youtube creator but will be able to help in creating new categories and suggest new MOOC courses or video playlists which can add value to your existing list. Thanks!
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Wow, brilliant idea.
@infinitebeing8 Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy using it.