Reinventing the ways organizations spend

Procurify enables organizations to be proactive about managing their spend culture by providing a combination of accessible data, convenient process and manageable controls.

Procurify enhances your existing ERP, accounting system or AP solution by bringing visibility to an organization's entire spending process.

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This product was featured in the SaaSClub newsletter today. Cool product that solves a real problem when you work at a tech company and must buy new software subscriptions almost on a weekly basis. Good time to hear about this Canadian company on today's Canadian holiday!
@francoismat Thanks Francois :) Definitely a great time on a Canadian holiday. Will stop sipping my Tim hortons coffee and staring at some Moose to share the happily unexpected product hunt listing.
This is great I have been looking for a way to manage vendors and expenses for the Sneakerbox.
@turneycreative Love to learn more about your processes at Sneakerbox! Shoot us a note and we can set up a time for a quick call!
@turneycreative Thats awesome to hear Matt! We would definitely like to be in touch and hear about your needs and see how we can help :) Also shout out to sneakerbox!
I will send you an email here shortly. This could really help fix my problem.
This looks awesome! Love seeing more Canadians represented. Nice work!
@alexputici Thanks Alex! Sincerely appreciate the support and we look forward to representing :)
Awesome dude! :)
@vvillem Willem!! Haha always a small world :) Great to see you in the tech space! Will connect via PM.