Process-driven project management for your team.

Use ProcessKit to power your team's process-driven projects and tasks. Track progress, automate repetitive tasks, & build smart workflows that can adapt to your projects on-the-fly. Full 2-way Zapier integration. Try it free! Your team will thank you.
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If your business is going to grow and scale, then the work it produces has to become more predictable and repeatable. It has to follow your process. But most project management software isn't made for repeatable, process-oriented work! After years of duct-taping various tools together, and never being satisfied with the results, I designed the tool that my teams and I always wanted: A tool to manage our projects and tasks, but one that is powered by our processes. ProcessKit gives you the ability to design powerful process workflows that can automate most of the tedious work of managing those routine projects. Automatically generate tasks and assign them to the right people. Automatically calculate dynamic start and due dates. Notify the right people at the right time. Implement your own custom fields and custom project types to tailor ProcessKit to fit *your* business. Then connect any apps you're using with our very-capable 2-way Zapier integration. By 2-way, that means you can use ProcessKit either as the "trigger" or an "action" in your Zaps. Give ProcessKit a try and let me know what you think!
@casjam i would like to use it to store and share documents to my clients. So at each stage they can access the document to download. Fill it up and then upload it back. This would allow me to keep track of the data that they need to upload at each point.
@gurpal_singh_kalra1 you're not alone on that use case! A lot of customers have been requesting this type of flow. Next month we're releasing this capability — to have email templates built into steps, which can send things off to clients, pull in variables (links to files, etc.) into the email, and have clients reply or fill out a form to approve or give feedback. This feedback comes back into ProcessKit and triggers off the next step(s). Thanks!
@casjam that's great to hear. i've been thinking on how to solve this problem. would be great...looking forward
Brian is the person to talk to to systematize your business, so his take on process management should be 👌
What type of automations are currently available in ProcessKit? Ah, I see the Zapier integration! That explains that!
@nick_horob Automations can happen in a number of ways: First, all within ProcessKit, you can: - Have a process template automatically build a list of tasks in a project - Have those tasks automatically assign the right people - The start & due dates on those tasks can be automatically calculated based on your date rules set in your process. Those task dates can automatically change too as things change on the project (like if a client delays in getting back to you, etc.). - Your custom fields can be automatically loaded on projects of a certain type + (more automations are coming soon!) Then using Zapier, you can: ...When another app pings ProcessKit... - Automatically launch a project, which would automatically load your process/tasks/assignments, etc. - Automatically build tasks on a project (from your processes, or not) - Automatically fill in a custom field on a project - Automatically mark a task as complete - and more... You can also use ProcessKit as the trigger in Zapier, so: - When a task has been marked complete, do something in another app - When a project has been launched, do something in another app A lot you can do!
Congrats on the launch @casjam ! Nice work on the site + video 🙌
@casjam Huge congrats on the launch 🚀 🎉
@uibreakfast thank you Jane!