ProCEEd > Podcast – Ep. 11: What's going on in the Baltics?

A friendly chat with Karoli Hindriks and Alex Barrera

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Andrii DegelerMaker@shlema · Head of brand and community @ Rockstart
Host: Andrii Degeler Guests: Karoli Hindriks ( and Alex Barrera ( In this episode of ProCEEd > Podcast, I'm joined by two great guests: Karoli Hindriks, the founder and CEO of, and Alex Barrera, a co-founder of and Chief WOWness Officer at We discuss Alex's recent story on the tech scene in the Baltics (, Jobbatical's recent funding round, and the future of entrepreneurs and startups in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Here's a few highlights of the episode: 01:45 Impressions from TechChill Baltics 04:35 It the Baltics part of the ecosystem of CEE or the Nordics? 10:55 Is it hard to get students to run startups in the Baltics? Do the crisis and the fall of corporations like Nokia help? 15:30 Is technology ruining the world around us? 24:50 Should governments support startup ecosystems by throwing money at entrepreneurs? Enjoy listening, and please leave your feedback here, tweet at @proceed_to, or send me an email at