Translate problems into solutions with higher chances of solution adoption probability. Get practical insights into customer situation and decision-making process.

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Guys, if you have any questions about it or would like it to be explained to you personally, please feel free to contact me on Skype, Twitter, phone or email (all the contacts are on the website). I will be happy to help! :)
@epicantus I got the error page. Please check soon! Thanks so much!
@hoandesign it's resolved and thank you for your patience ;)
Cool! Do you plan on making this a web app? Do you plan on monetizing it? I like it!
@james_osullivan based on 3 upvotes on your comment (I see some "smoke" here :)) - the web app option is worth exploring. While working on the canvas, I realized that if I'd have even more data, it would be possible to identify patterns that work, auto-fill existing available solutions per market and more. This would enable entrepreneurs to move really fast and get an overview in no time. Please drop me a message if you feel like that's something you need, let's collaborate!
We've used this across 8 teams in our growth academy. It's a beautiful mix of lean + behavioural psychology + product in one simple canvas... can't recommend it enough.
Useful product
@vladzima I'm glad to hear this! :)
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