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damien legave
damien legaveMaker@damien_legave · CTO
As a former road racer cyclist, and passionate of game development, the first app I made for the Appstore 2 years ago is Pro Cycling Simulation. It's a game which focus on race strategy and which is realistic on the physic side: - wind direction / power - wind protection according to nearby riders - aspiration between cyclists (which may be a benefit if you are a follower, but a weight if you are followed) - road inclination - and several other factors The game allows you to compete against 198 other players, and the AI reproduce professionals riders strategies. You can go for single race or stages race. There is also a shop to upgrade your bike with better parts and increase your performance. You can also gain experience through the races and improve your skills with a 'level' system. As I made the game 2 years ago on my free time, and I have been working full time in a startup since, I haven't had the chance to provide upgrades. The good point is, I have received a very warm greeting from players through reviews and ratings and this summer I will have the time to deliver a new version so stay tuned ! Dam