Pro Bono Tech

Bringing digital professionals together with nonprofits

Bringing together teams of digital professionals to address complex challenges for nonprofits; Bridging the digital divide between the tech and social sectors; Helping nonprofits more efficiently achieve their missions and create impact for their communities.
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Hello! What kind of non-profit organizations do you work with?
@michael_zaldivar Thanks for your question! We work with small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations who are addressing pressing social and civic challenges, including but not limited to homelessness, workforce development, sustainability and environment, education, social justice, public health, and affordable housing. We do a needs assessment with each organization to determine how technology, design, or data can improve their internal processes and/or help them have a greater impact for the community they serve.
As a participant in Pro Bono Tech, digital professionals apply their skills on projects they care about while also engaging in professional development and peer-learning. As a Pro Bono Tech partner, nonprofits benefit from operational enhancements and are able to more efficiently achieve their missions and create impact for the communities they serve. In practice, this may look like a dynamic new website design, a donor management CRM, an engaging digital marketing campaign, or impact data analysis and visualization.
@katkarimi this is awesome! what kind of digital skills are you looking for? and when is your next cohort launching?
@helloduane we have projects that need all kinds of skills, including front-end/back-end dev, UX design, data analysis & visualization, digital marketing, social media, iOS/Android dev, and product management. Our next cohort is launching this fall, and applications are due by August 30th:
Love being able to take what I learn/do from building commercial products and turning around and helping improve and build modern processes for nonprofits & government services, at Internet scale.
Please don't forget the social impact organizations that are for profit. Speaking from experience, there's a large support gap in everything from grants to tech which creates challenges.
Happy to share that we launched our inaugural Pro Bono Tech program last month and are quickly approaching the final week! We'll be hosting a Demo Day in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 21. If you're in town, please join us! RSVP: