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Hey folks, I'm one of the co-founders of We are working hard on a variety of tools & resources and are hungry for feedback from this community. We've had some great initial successes getting placements and are continuing to push code based on user feedback. We have a couple new services including a premium onboarding "Story Session" as well as a monthly "Publicity Concierge" service that we will be releasing shortly. Ask me anything :)
Anyone used this yet? Wondering how effective it has been.
Just curious how you can add value to SMB?
Hey @misbahspeaks as you probably know publicity can be successfully leveraged for a number of things, and since PRMatch aims to be a more cost effective and results based platform vs. the gamble with traditional PR agencies. Most people don't "get" pr, and end up wasting money and opportunity, but it can be done effectively. - increased awareness & desired activity (signups, customers, etc) - increased credibility with customers & investors - building media assets that can be leveraged for more media - established as expert in your industry - book deals, partnership deals - increased speaking opportunities - showcase star customer case studies - used in combination with strategic content retargeting to surround prospects With our pay-for-results marketplace, you simply set a budget and the type of coverage you want and only pay when our team of free lance publicists land your coverage. You can leverage the collective network and expertise of hundreds of vetted publicists vs. the limited network of 1. In addition to delivering publicity more efficiently and with much less risk, we also provide a cloud based press room that makes life easier and saves time by: - keeping all press assets in one location - generating digital media kits - managing press outreach with our built in crm system - one click traditional "press release" distribution via our partnership with PRNewswire (if press releases are your thing) - additional one-click services you can purchase ala cart as you need them from partners - fully customizable and easy integration into your website Currently in private beta we are piloting a community of "Publicity Hackers" that are banding together to share contacts, make introductions and provide feedback to one another on pitches and targets. There is more on our roadmap, but I hope that helps. Also, if you have a specific business in mind, I'd be happy to gift you a 1-on-1 strategy session as publicity is a tool to be leveraged toward a desired outcome.
Do you have any sort of agency offering? I am very intrigued :)
@travelintweeter hey Brandon - yes, we do. You can email me directly at and I can help.