Create a professional press kit for your company


Presskit is the easiest way to pitch your startup to journalist and get media coverage.

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19 Reviews3.9/5

I found the idea quite nice and decided to give it a try.

My negative input is not based on the service nore the idea, but more on a technical level :

- The dashboard does not even use https so it is clearly a no go

- I still tried it to see more and I can't use it as there is a lot of javascript error, library not defined for example, that block the execution and I was not even able to save my website or address

I could consider using it for my projects as soon as those two points are corrected.


Design, Cool Idea


Not Secure, Does not work

Every startup should have a press kit. So, this looks pretty neat and easy. Not sure if it gives an ability to use custom domain after upgrade though.


Clean and easy to use


Missing bits liks Quotes, Traction, Funding status, etc.

I like the idea to have Qwilr-like apps for various use cases, this happen to be one of them. There is room for improvment.


It's like Qwilr for press kit, easy to use.


I don't really understand the price, a classic SaaS pricing boxes would be better.

Borderline fradulent


Nice, simple, clean


Server is down all the time. There is no support. I doubt the company is still around, and never received an email.