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Presskit is the easiest way to pitch your startup to journalist and get media coverage.

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nice, I see you borrowed quite a bit from (sales copy, dashboard design, functionality, pricing...)
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Yeah @matthieu_couet you should probably explain that. @wnmio
@wnmio yes. Actually we used to be user of PresskitHero, and it was a great tool. But we quickly noticed that sime things were missing. For example some journalists asked us to be able to search some words in the whole presskit. We also wanted to get some analytics about who is reading our presskit. Those feature are live on Besides was initially supposed to be a private project for our clients and a lot of startups wanted to use it so we decided to go public. Now is live and booming we are very happy to become a presskithero competitor now because we believe that competition is a great for business.
@falemaster From a 3rd party perspective, I don't think @wnmio is concerned about having competition, it's that you lifted their home page copy word for word, some of their UI. That's really not cool. It's one thing to use and analyse a product and decide you can do it better, it's another thing to mimic how you talk about it: PRESSKITHERO title copy: "Create a professional press kit for your company" PRKIT (which I now notice comes up as PRESSKIT as the company name in the browser) title copy: "Create a professional press kit for your company" PRESSKITHERO 2nd title copy: "All the information a journalist needs to cover your company in one place" PRKIT 2nd title copy: "All the information a journalist needs to cover your company in one place." Hmm....
@samrye_enspiral 1- its all about seo 2- what about the rest of the page ? Like 3 others section ? 3- how can you say the ui is similar ? It s like 1000% different. 4- We dont have so much text on our landing. Anyway, as i told you before PKH was one of our inspiration, but is was not the only one. We even works with Pressking former ceo on this project and we also looked at I assume when you launch a project with good competitor on the market you need to take the best from them as a starting point. Then you add the thing that makes you unique. You should try and see how unique it is.
@falemaster sure I can appreciate you're defensive. Just offering some friendly 3rd party perspectives on what it would feel like for the other party. I can understand that's awkward to hear in a public setting, so I apologise for causing you discomfort.
Already using Presskithero but I have to admit, this looks sleeker.
@tsyinka The last few days I worked on improving the layout (fonts, responsive view, spacing, etc..), have you seen the updates on your press kit recently? I would love to hear your thoughts, here, or if you want.
@wnmio just checked. I guess the changes are minor cause I didn't notice anything different. I'm not particularly bothered though.

I found the idea quite nice and decided to give it a try.

My negative input is not based on the service nore the idea, but more on a technical level :

- The dashboard does not even use https so it is clearly a no go

- I still tried it to see more and I can't use it as there is a lot of javascript error, library not defined for example, that block the execution and I was not even able to save my website or address

I could consider using it for my projects as soon as those two points are corrected.


Design, Cool Idea


Not Secure, Does not work

Hi, Many thanks for the hunt @arunsathiya. Above all, I have to tell you that we were not really ready to launch the product on ProductHunt… is a project created by Upperlife Lab. The basic idea was to create well designed presskit for Upperlife’s clients, then we thought to make it available for everyone. The result is a presskit that centralizes all the information of the company, easy to make and to share to medias and journalists. As I said, we are at a beta stage, so don’t hesitate to give your feedback, and to tell us the bugs you can notice. Awesome to see on the top ! 🏆
@matthieu_couet It's so opportune that I have been combing the internet for a good press kit template/system for my company and this was top of today's list! Looking forward to trying it out :)
The idea is cool. IMHO, the demo needs work and the pricing is somehow confusing. You can make edits for 30 days (I get it) but what happens if you don't upgrade after that?
@morgam thanks for the kind words. Regarding the pricing your are right, it might be confusing. We are still thinking about it. Our idea is to let all users create their Presskit for free, and then after 30 days they will not be able to edit it unless they subscribe... We are open to every suggestions about that
@morgam @falemaster that sounds like a really easy way to get angry emails from users.
@falemaster Great idea. My recommendation: Offer three tiers: Free (and it’s always free) with one very basic but thorough kit. This can be targeted toward solo devs and people building MVPs. Next could be the Pro kit, which is one-time paid, and offers a more thorough and comprehensive kit. And finally, Enterprise, which is a subscription/or pay-per-component kit for bigger companies releasing large or multiple products that need your services on a rolling basis—you can include in this tier one-on-one consultations, feedback-as-a-service, etc. The more bespoke/flexible/thorough, the more you can charge.
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@morgam I co-sign that, pricing model is weird and confusing. I didn't get it until I read maker's comment above. I also agree with @elliot_s_volkman comment.
@morgam @falemaster @elliot_s_volkman couldnt agree more Elliot, I feel companies should always clearly give information, I mean then from the users' perspective, if it was there then they didnt check it would be there fault. However it was not available, then the customer will feel almost lied to.