Prizmo Go 3.0

Grab any text w/ camera & copy, translate or read aloud

Aim at text. Shoot. It's yours! Prizmo Go lets you quickly grab text with the camera. After text is recognized in a blink of an eye, you can interact with it in many useful ways. Or just send it to other apps.
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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
This app is incredibly useful — and reliable — for all your IRL OCR tasks.
New in v3.0: # Optimized for iOS 13, and more. Prizmo Go 3.0 is fully optimized for iOS 13. Dark Mode is supported, and Prizmo Go also provides a new icon theme based on iOS 13 SF Symbols. Other iOS 13 features include support for highly accurate Apple OCR, Shortcuts Actions (Shortcuts app), Core ML-based document orientation detection, and the new iOS 13 Voice Control feature. Finally, Prizmo Go 3.0 also features specific processing for curved text. # Curved Text Recognition Prizmo Go now provides curved text recognition. Text from curved book or magazine pages receives specific processing both for improved OCR accuracy and superior finger-based text selection directly on the image. Text overlay now gently osculates curved contents. # Dark Mode and SF Symbols (iOS 13) Prizmo Go got a facelift to support the new Dark Mode of iOS 13, and to be coherent with iOS 13 new visual language with updated SF Symbols-compliant user interface. # Shortcuts Action (iOS 13) Prizmo Go now features a Shortcuts Action with input parameters to recognize the text of an input image. To use the action in Shortcuts app, connect "Wait to return" and "Get clipboard" blocks after Prizmo Go's action. Clipboard is used as a workaround to iOS extension memory constraint. Prizmo Go's X-Callback-URL API remains available in addition to this Shortcuts Action. # Apple OCR (iOS 13) Prizmo Go 3.0 brings support for Apple OCR (iOS 13 required). You can enable Apple OCR from Prizmo Go ’s OCR settings (Settings ▸ Use Apple OCR), and it will be used when English on-device OCR is picked from the list. Apple OCR brings improved accuracy in most situations. Apple OCR is available without limitations to both Export Pack owners and Premium Plan subscribers. # New Languages with On-device OCR Five new languages are supported by the on-device OCR (previously only supported by the Cloud OCR): Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hebrew, and Japanese. # Orientation Detection with Machine Learning / Core ML Prizmo Go has been trained to recognize the document orientation when taking a picture ( Latin alphabet only at this time). It means that if you take a picture of a text that has been rotated (left, right, or upside down), Prizmo Go will automatically restore the appropriate orientation. To activate this feature, tap the Compass button in the camera view. # Accessibility (iOS 13) Support for new accessibility feature: Voice Control.
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@chrismessina This has been tagged Android. Any reason for that?
How does it differ from Google lens?