Prizmo Go 2.0

Quickly grab text with your phone's camera

Prizmo Go 2.0 brings handwriting recognition (English only), translation to 59 languages, and a new, more powerful, built-in neural network-based OCR in more languages.

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This is pretty epic...!
@chrismessina Thanks for the video as I was unsure of what this was from the info above. I've downloaded and will try it out! Could be very useful as I take notes when I'm in the field and it would be nice to have them automatically transcribed to my phone for easier access.
Wow! This is awesome!
Great job!! Just love it !! How’s it different from CS Scanner and others related apps ? 😊
Can you help clarify the features in Prizmo Go vs Prizmo Pro? I'm looking for iOS (iPhone X). I don't mind the subscription plan for Go or the $10 price for Pro but can't work out what features are in each (and what you expect to add, e..g. to Pro). Thanks!
@ricblu Hi Richard! Prizmo Pro is a scanning app that lets you create multi-page documents (usually as PDF files). It has a lot of tools dedicated for this purpose: OCR for creating PDF with hidden text, page color filter to cleanup documents to black & white/colored documents, page border detection, page geometry correction,… Prizmo Go recognizes one picture at a time and it lets you exploit the recognized text. No document is thus created and only the recognized text (plain text) can therefore be exported. However, you are able to interact with the text thanks to smart interactions, use Cloud OCR for even better accuracy or handwriting recognition and translation into 59 languages. In short, if you need to export PDF documents then Prizmo Pro is for you. If you only wish to interact with the text, export it or having your handwriting recognized then Prizmo Go it is.
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