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Looks useful in light of Twitter disallowing URLs in direct messages (which seems crazy)
Links are only disallowed in DMs for some people. I can send them - not sure the method to the madness though. That said, this looks kinda awesome.
@sanjay Thanks Sanjay. Yeah apparently some people are whitelisted for DM links. But not very many. That said, even if everyone COULD send DM links...there is no way to send a single DM to multiple people. Another reason behind making Privatize. Mass private links :)
I can't think of how I would personally use this but it could be used by companies to give out coupons or exclusive content publicly. How do you see it being used, @michaelschultz?
@rrhoover You bet Ryan. Those are some obvious cases. We're most excited to see how people use it before we pass down judgement on what it's MEANT to do. But we definitely have some ideas. Some include: • Beta invites. • Sharing tickets to an event. • Sharing your location with friends via map links. • Sending links to support chats or tickets. • Contest winners receiving their prize or request for info. • Feedback from people you trust on anything (music, software, blog post). • Celebrities only sharing content with super fans. • Public conversations on twitter that arouse interest but doesn't give the followers full access. (For example if Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss start a public back and forth on twitter using private links, my curiosity my be sparked and I'm sort of tuning in to see if something is coming)
@michaelschultz nice! Please report back with what you see after a few weeks. This is one of those open-ended products that might inspire very creative use cases.
@rrhoover here's hoping!
It looks fun. Even for personal use, it saves DMing or emailing more than 2 people
@daualset You got it Claudio! Thanks for checking it out. I've found that some people share health information among other things. How have you been using it?
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