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Social apps sometimes push you to make everything public and social. So it's refreshing to have an app that just lets you bookmark and save products without all the public sharing. Good, old fashioned single-purpose app.
Arthur Swiniarski
product @
Great idea and execution! :) love it
Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ Exer
God forbid any of us do anything that isn't shared with our followers!
Wouter ter HalleMobile Product Manager
Great app. And I actually see myself using this for keeping track of other stuff than just things that I actually might buy
elena silenok
Founder, Sputnik Mobile and Clothia
@cdixon @dshan @jessebouman @aswiniarski thanks for your feedback! we were inspired by the new ios8 extensions and the desire to make a super simple bookmarking app that requires no login/registration :)
Robert Stephens
Founder, Geek Squad. Co-founder, @assist
@silenok can you talk about how you are using URL redirects and tracking, specifically running all URLs through When you encode the bookmarks a user saves, does the app code any kind of unique identifier when each viglink is created?
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