Private Notes for Twitter and Facebook allows to add and edit notes for any profile. Can export notes to CSV. All data is secure on your computer and is not transfered anywhere. Source code is available on Github.

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Hey hunters! I've made this open-source plugin to make it easier to remember important information about anyone on Facebook. The natural way to do it is to write some private notes so you may easily find it later. Chrome extension platform made it easy to add an overlay on Facebook interface via a plugin. Text notes are stored inside Chrome browser (in the local storage) and not transferred anywhere. Bit of javascript foo was required to add extraction of person name from a profile but it seems to work good now. Let me know your comments and suggestions, will appreciate any feedback! Full source code is available on Github:
@emironic I've always wished this was there for Twitter.. People follow a lot of people and a year later they might not remember why they followed them.. It would be really great if we could make notes as to why we followed someone while following them.. Could you please build that too? Pretty please? 🙏😛
@amrith Twitter support is already available! Now works with both Twitter and Facebook
@emironic That was quick! Thanks :D
In 2 months after adding support for LinkedIn, LinkedIn requested to take down this plugin here is the full story
OK, this is such a blast from the past so I have a story to tell… Back in like 2005-ish when it was all about MySpace, Bebo, and the likes, and Facebook was just becoming public (i.e. they no longer required a .edu email address to sign up) I was hired by a startup from Austin as a front-end developer to work on a platform that would enable users to post content to their social media pages, that was visible only to users of said platform through a Firefox extension. So, kind of what this is! This service was called Minggl, and its purpose was more aimed at enabling people to post content that was otherwise deemed inappropriate or against the service's ToS, but as I remember there was a bunch of other cool functionality. It's UI was also waaay before its time as it had on-page drag and drop of elements, etc. Unfortunately I can't find a trace of this online now as apparently there's a pretty popular person that's calling themselves "DJ Minggl" that's totally taken over the keyword.
@draganbabic thanks for sharing this story!