Private Forms

PGP-Encrypted Web Forms, for Privacy-Conscious Receipients

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I strongly believe in the need for private communication, especially in the context of doctors-patients, clients-lawyers or sources-journalists. PGP has done a great job of allowing private communication between two parties, but it places a heavy burden on both the sender and the recipient. Often though, the person who needs to send the private communication is less tech-savvy than the recipient. Private Forms removes the burden from the sender, and places it squarely on the recipient. With Private Forms ( you can create an embeddable web form (with custom fields) that encrypts messages client-side, before being sent to the server (and emailed to the recipient). These messages are encrypted using the recipient's PGP public key, which can only be decrypted using their private key—this way, not even we can view the form submissions. We can help less technical users by generating a keypair for them (again, client-side), or they can upload their own public keys. Recipients can view form submissions on the web (using their private key, which is never transmitted to our server), or via their own email client that supports PGP decryption. This is very much a MVP, with regards to the interface and the number of features, but I wanted to get this out in front of as many people as possible!
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Is this only for encrypting form data or you can also use it to sign it with your private key (and then verify the signature with public key)?