Private & Encrypted Files, Notes, Passwords, 2FAs app

Store and manage your private & encrypted Files, Notes, Passwords and 2FAs in one app with Blockstack technology. One app to rule them all.
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My friend and I use Drive for personal file storage, LastPass for password management, Notes (on Mac) for saving our ideas and Google Authenticator for the 2FAs. All of them are not decentralized app. So we came up with this one-for-all app - PrivaKeeper to solve our privacy problem first. Feel free to hear your feedback!
Does not work on my iPhone 11 Pro Max in Safari. Must be desktop only?
@lucky_jeffman sorry for the inconvenience, the app is only used on desktop now ๐Ÿ˜ฅ. a mobile/responsive version will be implemented soon ๐Ÿ™
@khangtd I will try on my laptop. Thank you!
@lucky_jeffman yes, let me know if you have any issues
Is there a limit to how many files it can store? TIA
@iboshoer there is no limit of the number of files. We only limit the maximum capacity of 1 account is 10GB.