Quick, simple overview of a website's Terms of Service

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Hi everyone! Thanks to Kevin for posting this. I'm one of the makers of PrivacyPal — the designer in a team of five people. This was actually built last weekend for an hackathon, so everything (from concept to design and development) was done in the span of 48 hours. That's part of the reason why it's still unfinished, and why we'll gladly take all of your feedback. Also, we're quite happy to see our little project disguising as a full-grown product ;)
Also checkout If your looking to generate Privacy Policy or Terms of condition, checkout
laf, the site itself doesn't have a privacy available.
This is very useful.
I can't get the product to work - it just loads endlessly after entering a website address and pressing enter. :/
@theericanderson It will do that sometimes. We have a script crawling websites searching for terms and conditions, and it can sometimes get messy, when there are a lot of links to look into — it will always return something, eventually, but there are times when it does take longer than anyone is willing to wait for. It's something we're planning to improve sometime in the future, but if you want to try it out in the meantime, you can give a spin, for example — that should be fairly quick to load. Thanks for the feedback!