Privacy Spell

Anonymize sensitive data on your screen with one-click

Privacy Spell is an extension that allows you to take control of what you share by anonymizing sensitive information with 1 single click.
When it’s on, it obfuscates automatically personal information such as names, addresses, credit cards and numbers.
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It looks fantastic !!
Can't wait to get early access... my sales team needs this ASAP!
@vinnie_t That's great! can you give me an example of the pain this would be solving for you?
@jonathan_gheller1 I work for an education company and so have to follow FERPA guidelines (think HIPAA). That means spending time creating environments with dummy data to fit particular demonstration needs, rather than just using some production data. Obviously the former is the route we should be going, but it also would help protect us in the event a sales person accidentally navigated to something with student/university information.
@jonathan_gheller1 @vinnie_t a family member works at a school district she he was part of the inspiration for this product
When privacy spell is on, the privacy spell obfuscates automatically personal information such as names, addresses, credit cards, and numbers. It continues to work as you scroll and it is active for all your tabs in your browser.
@jonathan_gheller1 This is a fantastic idea. How do you identify, which text pieces should be obfuscated? Does it work with other PII, (e.g., email address, SSN) This product deserves way more upvotes than it currently has.
@salil_sethi The first production version will have the ML model plus heuristics run fully local. Email, SSN, names, numbers...all included. thanks for the good vibes Salil, much appreciated
@salil_sethi @jonathan_gheller1 yup, more specifically, it's a couple of NLP models plus a bunch of heuristics. In our current prototype, part of that is done with a model remotely (of course, sending the information encrypted and securely, and without storing anything anywhere), but the first release we are working on will have the entire model embedded so it will be 100% local detection
This look fantastic! Will it allow to mask content on various SaaS platforms while on the video calls.
@jatin_chaudhari Awesome! could you share an example of two of how you would use it? really curious to learn more
Please find a different background music for your video.