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Prashant Kankaria
Co-Founder Locaholic
Disclaimer: App for Android phones only, every one is welcome to read, comment and share. While travelling in a metro/subway, a crowded bus or simply waiting in lines, did you ever catch yourself looking into your neighbors phone and forming opinions about them? Being curious about the messages are they sending or the posts they are liking, is he cheating on his wife or is she flirting with a stranger? or How much money do they have in their bank account? I have been commuting to NYC everyday for the last 5 years. I did catch myself doing this a few times, and was embarrassed. But on the flip side, I did learn about a few cool apps, got entertained and curiosity always gets the better of me! Until 2 months ago when I overheard the guy standing next to me in the NYC subway telling his girlfriend/wife "This guy is in the dog house, he shouldn't be arguing, the dumb F***K does not know he will never win the argument against his wife" and I hear the two giggle away at my expense. Like the saying goes "karma is a bitch", it was hard. Then comes along the Blackberry Privacy Shade app, ironically I read about this on someone else's Samsung S7 plus. It was published on the Verge. This gave us the idea to create something for the rest of the android market, which blackberry consciously decided to ignore. In my opinion that was plain simple arrogance, or some would argue stupidity. Privacy Screen Guard and Filter is and will be free to download. We are constantly updating the app as the feature requests are pouring in. It would be awesome if you could download and give us your feedback. And don't forget to upvote or share with your friends. Cheers, Prashant Founder, Locaholic Graduate Founder Institute, NYC P.S. Due to technical constraints this cannot be made available on the iOS devices.
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
No iOS!!😭
Sijvert CommandeurFounder of #JoinMungo👌
@dredurr that's what I feel by almost every app on ProductHunt, but with Android :)
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