Privacy Pop

Transform your bed into a privacy zone.

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We used these at our last Hackathon as rest pods for our coders and designers and they worked great. They are awesome for other things too though like dorm rooms, bright rooms, bunk beds, need for privacy, etc. Check em out, really cool product.
@tayenaka hackathon is a great use case. I know a few startups that would love these, too.
@rrhoover @tayenaka We do a 10 hour hackathon here in Chicago. These would be great to set up for folks to take power nap. Nice find! Collected!
@iamrandyellis @rrhoover They were super simple, we found a few large empty rooms and threw 5 or so in each. People brought their own sleeping bags etc.
For my desk at work😎
San Francisco's going to love this!
I wonder if the makers are aware that they have a hackathon market πŸ˜„ they should sponsor
Love it! 😍😍