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Look at this. A great example of how to turn something boring into something nice. :)
@syswarren Thank you for this, Julie!!
@syswarren This is really great!
Great ! We need the same for Europe now !
@marcaime I've just entered "France" as state, and it looks nice. Do you know if there are any specific things that should be added for EU (something about cookies, maybe)?
@oelmekki I have no clue at all ! I'm pretty sure there are some difference of policies between European Union and United States though...
@oelmekki Let's just add a big fat "Cookies warning" all over every websites in the world and we should be fine with EU laws. 🍪
@syswarren Yeah, I swear, I'll do it... in a later iteration ^^
Awesome - just saved me so much time and $$$
Finally! it looks good, thanks @sywarren