The Privacy Button is a Consent Management Plattform ("CMP") that enables you to obtain, manage and document the consent of your website visitors - GDPR- and ePrivacy-compliantly. It's easy to set up, fully customizable and user intuitive.

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As entrepreneurs, we felt the heavy weight that GDPR is putting on businesses’ shoulders. At the same time, as users we were excited for a new privacy age. Therefore, our goal was to build a solution that serves both businesses and users making privacy a feasible reality. We believe, our Privacy Button enables businesses to fulfill GDPR requirements on their Website with regard to Cookies & Co: informing the user, asking for his consent, enabling an easy opt-out and documenting the consent history. It’s quickly implemented with a small JavaScript Code Snippet into any Website. For users, it’s intuitive, discreet but clearly visible, offering full transparency and real freedom of choice. We would love to hear your feedback - both from a users and a business perspective! ;)
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@lisagradow Is there a way to have this widget only show to Euro visitors? From what I understand GDPR is for EU visitors.
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I'm sorry for the candour, but your UI is horrible! I'd never use that on my website. The information is great, but the design is bad. Take a page from the likes of Cookie Consent, Cookiebot, etc. Good luck!
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@thiagoafram appreciate your opinion! Luckily design is a question of individual taste. We picked on the Google Material Design UI/UX, so I am curious what exactly you think is so bad and why e.g. Cookiebot, that looks rather static and not really like a pop up should feel like in the year 2018 destroying the complete CI of a website you think is so much better? :)
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@lisagradow Google Material Design has nothing to do with what I'm saying here, my bad if I wasn't clear. I'm talking about the experience itself for the user. There are way too many things going on in the warning. Do you really need 5 (FIVE!) calls-to-action there? 1) Thumbprint: Users have no idea what's it for unless they clicked on it. I would never click on it (just did for the purpose of this chat) 2) More info: Could easily be a hyperlink on your main text (which by the way is way too long and unnecessary - you could have most of this info 'after' you click to see more) 3) Accept button: From a UI perspective, you don't need those buttons to be so large, small ones would do. 3b) Timer (?): As a user, what does it mean if the timer expired? Did I accept? Did I deny? Oh my gosh, my time is up! What now? (See where I'm going?) 4) Deny: Again, could be smaller, or you don't even really need it if you have a 'close (X)' button. 5) Consent settings: Exactly the same functionality as the thumbprint (as far as I could understand as a user). So why do you need to repeat it? When you open it on mobile, it takes almost 90% of the screen. Google punish ranks for ANYTHING that goes over the content (popups, warnings, etc).
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@thiagoafram I just went to a very detailed talk on GDPR data compliance and the reason there are five things in this popup is the same reason there are four options plus a more info link on the Cookiebot version you recommended - COMPLIANCE... If you don't get explicit approval from a user under GDPR regs then you're in violation. So in short your UX criticism is basically directed at the wrong person send it to the EU Parliament. Its because of them that we have to add all this rubbish to a User Interface. @lisagradow I think your team have done a great job here and I for one would use your script.
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@lisagradow @apachesenzala Sorry Jamie, my criticism is not towards the content, but the UI/UX - and that has nothing to do with the EU Parliament. As I said, cookiebot, cookie consent and others are doing the THE SAME job getting explicit approval but in a more graceful way. I'm talking about aesthetics. A Ferrari can take you from point A to B, and so can a horse. Anyway, my comment was solely constructive and everyone's entitled to their opinion. For that reason I'd rather use any of the other alternatives.
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Such a useful tool!
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@lisagradow would be cool if you could build this into intercoms new App Store. Bet it would take off like wildfire...
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Definitely a cool tool! Makes GDPR less stressful for me as an entrepreneur.