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Content management has always sucked. The constant dilemma of using a product that's "close enough" to your needs (but hard to customize), or roll your own and spend the next thousand years building a good user experience. Prismic looks like a really compelling solution. It has 3 main parts: 1. Site owners create a repository of information through their SaaSy UI. Define the type of content (e.g. store items, blog posts). This is all done through a simple web interface. 2. Content creators use a web interface to manage their content. It seems pretty intuitive. Beyond just editing they also get version control, approvals, permissions, etc. 3. Developers build the front-end public website in any technology they want and use the REST API to fetch the latest content from the Prismic service. Prismic looks very slick. As I was exploring this it reminded me of the first time I used Stripe for payment processing - they've made an age old problem enjoyable.
Similar to contentful?
@jlax hey Jon, a late answer here. We have a similar approach yet some important differences in the API design as well as the app UI. We put a lot of emphasis on user experience (especially in the last 6 months), we already have a nice editor, robust releases, versioning and diff capabilities. We would be also very glad to hear from your experience in content management generally and content API specifically. We’re preparing big enhancements on the UX, we can share some screens if you’re interested :)
Hi hunters, A quick update here. 2 years have passed since Joe featured on Product Hunt. We learnt a lot from thousands of developers now using to create websites with content management (freelancers, digital agencies, startups and enterprise). Now this “headless CMS” architecture approach (aweful term indeed) is making some buzz across the Content Management developers and designers communities. This is cool, it confirms that the idea was good. The race, however, is not over. Content management needs a lot of innovation on different levels to excel in user experience for developers and editors. We’ve recently made a lot of work to help developers and designers get started with docs and tutorials. And…. we’re preparing cool things for 2016, we’ll keep you posted here and also on Twitter about the exciting steps to come...
Hi there, I'm using Prismic at my company for a couple of projects and can highly recommend this product! It's not only great for public websites (eg.,, but also for whole software platforms and highly complex interactive apps. There are a couple of competitors offering frontend-independent content management. IMO Prismic is the one with the most attention to user and developer experience, very well executed features and an incredibly helpful and always available support team! Well done team Prismic and keep on the amazing work!

I find this more and more in new products, someone looks amazing on the surface, solves a real problem then its executed so poorly it makes the original problem look less of a problem rather then using the service/platform.


Looked great at first but thats as far as 'greatness' got


lack of tutorials, videos are the worst i have seen.