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We must all be familiar with Prisma by now, if not, you have likely seen an image altered by one of their filters. They rose to 60 MILLION users in 3 weeks!!!! A much anticipated feature (and quite the game changer) is the ability to add these effects to your Videos (GIFs coming soon). Only available on iOS (Android next week I believe) The videos above show it off pretty well... one is a 360 video, with Prisma effects, for Coca-Cola - triple-whammy if you ask me The Next Web did a little write up: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/...
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@bentossell this update is the greatest thing to ever happen to any app ever πŸŽ₯🎨✊
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@nivo0o0 even with your love for Polymail?? 😱 haha
@bentossell and no more internet needed :)
I wonder when (and to whom) they offer an interface (SDK) for direct camera streaming. I'd go ballistic if my drones can stream filtered videos. I can imagine and real time Walt Disney produced by not more than a pilot and camera man. Since manufacturer @DJI, @gopro and @parrot are searching for solution to differentiate and improve their product, I would invest into Prima today.
@drohnenpreneur Definitely a great idea here πŸ™€ Would love to see what would be the next step for manufacturers @dji @gopro @parrot πŸ€”
Mac app please...
Outstanding! Prism doesn't appear to support slow-mo video so perhaps a warning if you choose one? I was tapping Next with no feedback telling me why nothing was happening.
Wohaaa!!! Prisma, Open Happiness!